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Phone call is audio transcribed from a telephone conversation.

Type B pricing applies if the conversation is two people and the dictation is a high quality, and doesn’t meet any of the items in Type C pricing.

Type C pricing applies to a conversation of three or more people and one or more of the items listed occur. Not professionally recorded, using highly compressed formats, recorded on micro-cassette, background noise, heavy accent, non native-English speakers, material is highly technical in nature.


Regular ( 4 days)

Rush (1-2 days)






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“Transcription Institute is high quality, and deadlines are always met. Great professional service.”

Judith M., New York, NY

“Transcription Institute has been amazing for us. We had over 200 hours of audio that needed to be transcribed quickly. They met our requests at a very competitive price. Their professionalism and quality puts them on top.”

Mike C., Dallas, TX

“Thank you so much guys, you have exceeded our expectations. We are glad that we found the provider we can work with on a permanent basis.”

Jim K., San Francisco, CA

“Needless to say, we are extremely happy with our professional relationship with your company and hope to continue this into the future!”

Jane C., Washington, DC