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Welcome to Transcription Institute, the premier video duplication company in the San Francisco Bay Area! For over 4 years, we've been assisting the professional production community of Northern California by providing quality video duplication, state of the art editing services and now, a full range of HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVD production! We pride ourselves on our dedication to our work and customer satisfaction. To ensure this, every order is treated as a custom order. We consistently maintain close working relationships with our clientele and commit ourselves to helping them achieve their goals.

In most cases, the cost if your duplication order is determined by the length of your program, the destination form/standard you wish to dub to, and the number of copies we will create for you. For example, for 40 VHS NTSC copies of a 30-minute Betacam SP NTSC master, find the appropriate row and column in the VHS NTSC section (The exception to this rule is HDCAM down conversions. Please refer to HDCAM page for prices).

For duplication jobs being made from masters in foreign standards, however, please choose the appropriate row and column from the destination format and source standard. For example, for 40 VHS NTSC copies of a 30-minute Betacam SP PAL master, find the appropriate row and column in the VHS PAL section. This pricing formula also applies to jobs going from PAL to PAL, SECAM to SECAM, and so on. Though there is no standards conversion taking place in such jobs, they utilize our foreign standards equipment, which is in high demand due to limited availability.

Please feel free to call, email, or fax us with any questions regarding prices and services as listed bellow. We're here to help!

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  6 min $260 $190
  12 min $300 $220
  22 min $340 $260
  32 min $380 $280
  40 min $400 $300
  64 min $440 -
  94 min $500 -
  124 min $560  
    Edit (assemble/Insert) - $200.00/hr. (1 hr. Minimum)  


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“Transcription Institute is high quality, and deadlines are always met. Great professional service.”

Judith M., New York, NY

“Transcription Institute has been amazing for us. We had over 200 hours of audio that needed to be transcribed quickly. They met our requests at a very competitive price. Their professionalism and quality puts them on top.”

Mike C., Dallas, TX

“Thank you so much guys, you have exceeded our expectations. We are glad that we found the provider we can work with on a permanent basis.”

Jim K., San Francisco, CA

“Needless to say, we are extremely happy with our professional relationship with your company and hope to continue this into the future!”

Jane C., Washington, DC