YouTube Subtitles & Closed Captioning

Some say that the printed page is going out of style, but in the world of turning recordings into print, it’s alive and well. An interactive transcript of your audio can help those who are hearing impaired to gain the same information as those who listen to the recording.

Alex Eisen of approached us asking for his YouTube video to be transcribed. Alex has been very generous with gifts of his product in the past, so we decided to offer him the opportunity to have closed-captioning added to his YouTube videos at no extra cost. Here is a sample…

internet Rising: documentary film { edu-info-tainment }

After the video starts playing, click on the red CC box to show the subtitles/captions: Think of how much larger your audience would be if you offered your material in writing, either by using subtitling or closed captions, or by having your audio and video files transcribed for people to read.

Besides the hearing-impaired community, many people would rather read the material instead of watching a video or listening to an audio. So by offering both options, you also increase your following!

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