What is Transcript

transcriptionist_headphones_2Transcript – excerpt from the academic records containing information about the class, handed examinations and tests and obtained estimates.
Do not rush yourself, armed with a dictionary, translate your diploma and a sack it.This is not a simple task as it might first appear. Any transcript is translated according to certain rules. Remember, the selection committee does not know foreign language, it is important to see that the original copy of the diploma (and liner) is identical to its English version. Photocopies of the consideration shall be permitted.

Before translating a diploma, and most importantly the liner with a list of all items, make sure that the information marked in them, complies with reality. Do not forget about the total number of hours, as well as on those subjects on which you do not have high ratings. If you have enough time before the last date of filing, research the opportunity to retake these subjects, take additional courses to improve your score. After all, when considering your transcripts selection committee will make a conclusion about the average of your performance.

Moreover, both foreign and English version of your degree must be officially certified – not in the notary’s office, namely, in the same institution that you have finished, that is, they must bear the stamp and signature of authorized officer (rector, dean), University Institute , academies, etc.

Before stamp – once again compare the Russian and English versions on the subject of identity, coincidence of all subjects, the number of hours listened to, the names of course, the outcome, dissertations.

It would be better if the translation of transcripts will be engaged experts from the field of business education.

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