Transcription Service: Small Businesses

transcriptionist_headphones_4One of the popular ideas for running a small business particularly from home is to start a transcription service business. This is a business that has relatively no investment and the profit margins are quite lucrative. Moreover with the globalization process growing, transcription service is being offered by almost all companies in different fields. These services are available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German and many other regional languages.

If you know 2 languages you can become a transcription specialist. Transcribing from Spanish to English or English to Spanish is quite a popular service. So is the demand for Chinese language transcription.

Transcription service is one service that is offered at variable rates and is carried out either as freelance or full time job by homemakers, working professionals, technicians and everybody who has a good understanding and typing skill. If you have more work, you can outsource your transcription work to other people that you know for a commission. Now you are talking business.

Various types of transcription services are available today.

Medical Transcription – This process involves transcribing the monologues of physician, who diagnoses and prescribes for the patient. The transcription gives the advantage to refer it whenever necessary.

Legal Transcription – The transcription includes transcribing legal dialogues of attorneys describing the legal litigations.

General Transcription – This transcription includes monologue of general issues or happenings. This has nothing to do with technical, medical or legal ones.

With transcription emerging as the most lucrative career option today, it has the potential to offer you a respectable living.

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