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Complete Transcription SolutionTranscription jobs have been always popular across the globe, for stay at home spouses, college students, and people changing careers. Whether you’re considering transcription as a side job or you’re interested in a full time position, there are tools you’ll need for smooth transcribing:

Computer or laptop: 
You will need a computer or laptop. Some people can work using multiple tablets, integrating with cloud word processing systems (such as Google Documents), but we would suggest you stick to a desktop or laptop with a big screen. While you  won’t need a top of the line model, an efficient system that functions properly and doesn’t slow you down is something you should arrange.

Transcription Software
Surprise: efficient transcription requires an advanced software. You can still work using word perfect or notepad software, but if you want to make a decent pay per hour, you should consider getting professional software before you get started. Let us save you some time and provide a list of the professional transcription applications:

  • ExpressScribe
  • AccuScribe
  • FTR Gold
  • Wavpedal 7
  • WAVpedal 5
  • ByteScribe
  • Vox or Wav
  • PC-Dart Playall Xtra
  • Transcription Gear
  • EditScriptv
  • GearPlayer
  • WinScribe Software
  • HPI Sum
  • HTH Start Stop
  • BCB
  • CourtSmart
  • Crescendo
  • CyberTranscriber
  • InqScribe by Inquirium
  • DocQscribe
  • FutureNet
  • iPlayer
  • RapidText
  • Transcription Buddy
  • VoiceIQ
  • WebCorrect
  • Liberty Court Player
  • Medical Transcription Interactive Software (SUM)

Foot Pedal
This is the second cornerstone of successful transcription job. Use it with your software for hands-free start/stop/rewind commands, so you can type faster and make more money.

High Speed Internet
It stands to be a genuine reason that you’ll need an internet connection in your home or office if you’re doing the transcription work. Luckily, most people already have high-speed internet in their homes, even if they don’t typically work from a home office. If you don’t have a high-speed internet you should arrange it as soon as possible.

Ergonomic Keyboard
This one just to make your work more comfortable and efficient. They’re also very affordable these days, so there’s no reason not to buy this piece of transcription equipment.

Finally, one of the most important tools you shouldn’t skip. Along with software and foot pedal a good quality headphone is a must. Noise canceling headphones are ideal for the transcription work.

A Comfortable Chair
You’re going to be sitting for long periods of time and you don’t want a back pain. Get a comfortable chair for your transcription work. Or opt in for the stand desk and forget about the chair. Enjoy your work while burning additional calories.

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