According to Wikipedia, “Transcription is the conversion of spoken words into written language, including the conversion of handwriting, or a photograph of text into pure text. Transcription can be various types – medical, legal, musical, audio or creative. Transcription can be taken up as a career. There are many Transcription Companies and agencies which require transcribers. One can work from home which is en emerging field known as Home Transcription.

One can pursue a career in Court Reporting. There are several different methods of court reporting. The system can be learned at special school or through stenography courses offered at college and universities. With a bit training, a career in court reporting and transcription can open a new field of work. Once trained, employment is obtained through either a court reporting firm with a variety of clients, or directly through a court system where the court reporter is usually considered a government employee. Court reporting firms are located across the world and offer variety and some flexibility as to the kinds of work available.

Medical Transcription is another lucrative and challenging career. Medical transcription means to transcribe the medical records that have been dictated by Doctors. It provides analysis, progress reports, chart notes, physicals, histories, and even letters. A Medical transcriptions bridge the Medical Records between a patient and a Health Care Professional. Medical Transcriptionists must have the knowledge about medical terminology, physiology, anatomy as well as medical record keeping. Medical transcripts are employed in medical centers, hospitals, clinics, radiology and pathology clinics, insurance companies, medical and diagnostic laboratories. They could also be employed by speech therapists, audiologists and counselors. A medical transcriptionist can also make money as a home based professional. A Transcription training program adds to one’s credentials.

A career can be made in Electronic reporting. There are schools which teach electronic reporting, done with digital recorders or stenomasks.One may be employed in media houses. It is a common misconception that freelance Internet jobs including transcription jobs from home can be part time jobs only.Transcption jobs can be done full time and it is not impossible to earn $30,000 to 50,000 a year.

To have a good career in Transcription, one should have a sound knowledge of English, sensitive listening skills, sharp vision and typing speed and accuracy with basic computer knowledge. One should enjoy reading and have good grasp of basic grammar and spelling. There are many benefits attached to this career but at the same time it requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. This is a growing field and not showing the signs of slowing down. One keeps on learning new things at every stage.

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