To Outsource or not to Outsource Transcription Services

transcriptionist_headphones_6Transcription services are used to any business industry in need of having audio or video speeches, files, cassette transcribed. From dictation to interviews, orations to focus groups, transcribing services is completely planned to meet your specific needs. Transcription services are helpful for many companies of medical, legal, financial, media, music, or other business industries areas.

While we at Transcription Institute do not outsource transcription services overseas and everything is processed by our in-house typists, there are certain pros of outsourcing your transcription needs:

  • No recruiting, hiring, training expenses and no setup fees
  • Save you valuable time, efforts and resources
  • Reduce capital infrastructure costs
  • Get access to specialized skills, technology, services and proven methodologies
  • Save cost up to 60% or even more

Cons of outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing will not remove the responsibility from management and administrative burden
    There is no benefits in time zone difference. In fact that difference can play to your disadvantages, when you need to reach other semi-sphere to inquire when the transcript is going to be prepared for you, and get no answer…
  • Questionable fast turnaround time with high quality. Often turnaround time is bellow to what was promised, and the quality is bad.
  • Never guaranteed accuracy. Many transcriptions require text comprehension and understanding available ONLY through the work of local native speakers.
  • Never 24/7 customer support

Transcription institute does not outsource a single bit outside. All work is done by experienced transcribers who are local native speakers, bound by 100% non-disclosure agreement.

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