The Knack in Overcoming Speech Anxiety

A lot of people tend to experience anxiety when they are ought to present a talk or speech in front of a huge group. Public speaking is a daunting thing for both elders and youngsters. Speech anxiety can vary from small “nervous” distractions to incapacitating fears. Well, known symptoms of anxiety are a rapid heartbeat, sweating, dry mouth, shaking and butterflies in the tummy. Though you cannot get rid of speech anxiety, there are few ways to reduce its intensity.

Anxiety is Normal

According to experienced speakers, anxiety is extremely normal. Almost everyone who has to present a paper, speech or presentation will feel nervous at some point in time. If a speaker looks confident and relaxed that means they have understood how to handle speech anxiety the right way. They have learned how to hide anxiety from their audiences.

Always remember that potential audiences want you to deliver a successful speech. On the other hand, novice speakers feel that their audience want them to fail and are always against them. This is never (or at least rarely) the case. If your audience wishes you to fail, why would they attend your talk?

Anxiety is Avoidable

Do you know that speech anxiety can reduce your overall progress? Anxiety will be extremely worse before & after the speech. You will be astounded to note that anxiety would wear away few minutes after the introduction.

Understand the Root Cause of Anxiety

Before you deliver the speech, identify the root cause of your anxiety alias nervousness. Make a list of the main reasons and try to overcome them. For example, if you feel you would look stupid or novice, opt for a newer look. Each of these reasons can be overcome with a little bit of thought.

Overcome Anxiety with Practice

Try to spend more time and practice your speech. In accordance with the old adage, “Practice Make a Man Perfect”, the more you practice, better will be your talk. Meanwhile, try to record your practice sessions. Listen to your speech and figure out where it can be improved. Always remember that no one can judge your speech better than you.

The Final Step!

Once you complete the talk, transfer the recording to a professional transcription service provider. They will help you create a comprehensive document of the entire talk. This document will help you prepare for future speeches.

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