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Ensuring Transcription Confidentiality

Transcription Institute maintains highest confidentiality by implementing and adhering to the highest industry standards: Industry Ethics Our professional transcriptionists are trained to understand the ethics of the business and 100% are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that they will

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How to Transcribe Interviews

Conducting an interview, coming up with good questions and establishing a report, is a challenging process. Transcribing that interview can also be difficult, and requires precise listening skills, patience, and careful editing. An hour-long interview can easily take 4 to

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How to Run a Phone Conference

With the new innovations more people are working from home, or working from the road.  All of this work is done through the internet and through the phone.  And a lot of times people don’t know how to run a

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Do I need school or training to do transcription?

Generally speaking, while you do need general education, intelligence, knowledge of current events, etc., for general transcription, there is no special school or training required for general transcription. Legal transcription almost always requires, in addition to all of the general

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The Voice Transcription Technique – Future is Happening Now

Transcribing interview data is a time-consuming task that most qualitative researchers dislike. Transcribing is even more difficult for people with physical limitations because traditional transcribing requires manual dexterity and the ability to sit at a computer for long stretches of

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