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YouTube Subtitles & Closed Captioning

Some say that the printed page is going out of style, but in the world of turning recordings into print, it’s alive and well. An interactive transcript of your audio can help those who are hearing impaired to gain the

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Today Twitter was over-floated with messages about closed captionist suing her employer after termination for adding gay subtext to several TV shows. Twitter didn’t want or didn’t care much to look at the very bottom of this message to see

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How to Run a Phone Conference

With the new innovations more people are working from home, or working from the road.  All of this work is done through the internet and through the phone.  And a lot of times people don’t know how to run a

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Do I need school or training to do transcription?

Generally speaking, while you do need general education, intelligence, knowledge of current events, etc., for general transcription, there is no special school or training required for general transcription. Legal transcription almost always requires, in addition to all of the general

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Transcription Equipment

We got a question: Q: What transcription equipment is needed to best serve the hope transcription needs of your company A: There is no firm requirements as for transcription equipment. It all depends on your preferences and abilities. Some of

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