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How to Decode Focus Group Interview Discussions?

Focus group interviewing is an interesting process that revolves around intuitiveness, people, thoughts and ideas. Over the past few years, the fame of focus group interviews has increased in leaps and bounds. This is because huge volumes of data can

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Ensuring Transcription Confidentiality

Transcription Institute maintains highest confidentiality by implementing and adhering to the highest industry standards: Industry Ethics Our professional transcriptionists are trained to understand the ethics of the business and 100% are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that they will

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Record Audio and Email

One of the services we are happy to provide to our customers is a transcript of audio messages recorded. You can use 1-800 number provided to you by our representative to send your voicemail to transcript for processing. For returning

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YouTube Subtitles & Closed Captioning

Some say that the printed page is going out of style, but in the world of turning recordings into print, it’s alive and well. An interactive transcript of your audio can help those who are hearing impaired to gain the

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How to Transcribe Interviews

Conducting an interview, coming up with good questions and establishing a report, is a challenging process. Transcribing that interview can also be difficult, and requires precise listening skills, patience, and careful editing. An hour-long interview can easily take 4 to

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What is Transcript

Transcript – excerpt from the academic records containing information about the class, handed examinations and tests and obtained estimates. Do not rush yourself, armed with a dictionary, translate your diploma and a sack it.This is not a simple task as

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How to Run a Phone Conference

With the new innovations more people are working from home, or working from the road.  All of this work is done through the internet and through the phone.  And a lot of times people don’t know how to run a

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Transcription Equipment

We got a question: Q: What transcription equipment is needed to best serve the hope transcription needs of your company A: There is no firm requirements as for transcription equipment. It all depends on your preferences and abilities. Some of

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