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Choosing From Focus Group Interviews and One-to-One Sessions

When you are ought to engage in qualitative research, would you opt for focus group interviews or in-depth one-to-one interviews? Or, would you go for a combination of these two strategic processes? The final pick is often influenced by a

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One on One Interview

General format: The format for interviews tends to be very flexible: the length, the location, and the degree of structure and formality can vary enormously depending on the circumstances of the interviewers and the interviewees. In person or by phone:

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Interview Transcription

The events that are needed to be recorded, be it a conference, meeting, focus group or series of interviews, it is essential to maximize the chances of making a clear recording that can be in due course be accurately transcribed

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Conducting One on One Interviews

One of the toughest things in journalism is conducting interviews.  Of course finding a good story is tough, but once you find it what’s next.  The reason that interviews are tough is because not only you have to talk to

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