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Do I need school or training to do transcription?

Generally speaking, while you do need general education, intelligence, knowledge of current events, etc., for general transcription, there is no special school or training required for general transcription. Legal transcription almost always requires, in addition to all of the general

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Transcription Service: Small Businesses

One of the popular ideas for running a small business particularly from home is to start a transcription service business. This is a business that has relatively no investment and the profit margins are quite lucrative. Moreover with the globalization

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Medical Transcription: Where to be careful?

Medical transcription (MT) is the process by which medical records such as patient history, consultation, pathology and other reports dictated by doctors and other medical professionals are transcribed from audio to text format. The medical transcriptionist is the person who

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According to Wikipedia, “Transcription is the conversion of spoken words into written language, including the conversion of handwriting, or a photograph of text into pure text. Transcription can be various types – medical, legal, musical, audio or creative. Transcription can

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