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How to Host a Successful Video Conference Call

One of the most trending and newest features in business meetings would be video conferencing. With new technologies and facilities being introduced every-now-and-then, meetings have become affordable and predominantly convenient. You will be astounded to note that video conferencing calls

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Choosing From Focus Group Interviews and One-to-One Sessions

When you are ought to engage in qualitative research, would you opt for focus group interviews or in-depth one-to-one interviews? Or, would you go for a combination of these two strategic processes? The final pick is often influenced by a

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Basic Facts About Focus Group Interviews

Focus group interviews have become extremely popular over the past few years. It is a small group of people, who discuss over a common issue or topic. The process of organizing a focus group interview is easy said than done.

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Interview Transcription

The events that are needed to be recorded, be it a conference, meeting, focus group or series of interviews, it is essential to maximize the chances of making a clear recording that can be in due course be accurately transcribed

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How to Transcribe Interviews

Conducting an interview, coming up with good questions and establishing a report, is a challenging process. Transcribing that interview can also be difficult, and requires precise listening skills, patience, and careful editing. An hour-long interview can easily take 4 to

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