proofreading_1Today Twitter was over-floated with messages about closed captionist suing her employer after termination for adding gay subtext to several TV shows. Twitter didn’t want or didn’t care much to look at the very bottom of this message to see the following footer: This is a Fake Gay News post — part of series of satirical blog posts about entertainment. That means it’s (mostly) not true.

Well, not so fast, you guys… The news was may be not so true, but in reality, what if you got someone’s transcription work in and didn’t check the accuracy. Did you ever think through on plan B: What’s going to happen next?

Nothing, if you work with Transcription Institute. Because before we submit all work, it goes through a multiple level of proofreading, to assure quality of transcription. Certainly, there are many recordings out there with the quality bellow average, where it is almost impossible to have a clear cut on what was said, thus, provide accurate transcription; however, we will always let you know how accurate we can be, so you trust our professional expertise.

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