How to Host a Successful Video Conference Call

How-to-Host-a-Successful-Video-Conference-Call-web One of the most trending and newest features in business meetings would be video conferencing. With new technologies and facilities being introduced every-now-and-then, meetings have become affordable and predominantly convenient. You will be astounded to note that video conferencing calls are totally free most of the time. If you are planning to host your first video conference call, here are few tips to lend you a hand of help.

Get Hold of Apt Equipment

First of all, you should invest on good equipment. Make sure you have a high quality camera that is moveable and user friendly. Some of the best cameras for video conferencing will give you a pristine experience.

Using Name Cards

According to experienced video conference call makers, it would be wise to have name cards. These cards will help everyone recognize one another. Transcription service providers find these name cards useful too. They will be able to identify what was told by whom without much confusion. As you invest on a video conference camera, make sure you get hold of recording equipment too. These gears will help you record the entire session and obtain text files from the transcription service providers.

The Right Positions

For a successful video conference call, the participants and facilitator should be positioned aptly. In most cases, the facilitator should sit at the far end. Also, the prime speakers should be visible to everyone. This is because video conference calls are nothing but an advanced version of traditional meetings.

Periodic Inspection

As mentioned previously, the equipment you use will play an integral role in your video conference experience. This is why you should check every piece of equipment beforehand. Make sure the devices are working properly. In order to avoid potential technical difficulties, you should inspect every other equipment at least once.

Dress Appropriately

Moving on, you should advice the participants to dress properly. Try to steer away from bold, large busy textures and patterns. Likewise, your clothes should not be very bright too! Good shades for video conference calls would be the pastels, solid black and light blue.  By dressing aptly, you can avoid distraction and the inability to focus.

A Clean Room

Finally, make sure the room is predominantly clean. This is because the entire room will be visible in the call. Messy boxes, torn papers, dirty walls and grimy tables can be a massive turn off.

Once the meeting comes to an end, request the transcription service provider to give you a written account of the call. Click here to know more about our video conference to text transcription services.

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