How to Decode Focus Group Interview Discussions?

How to Decode Focus Group Interview Discussions

Focus group interviewing is an interesting process that revolves around intuitiveness, people, thoughts and ideas. Over the past few years, the fame of focus group interviews has increased in leaps and bounds. This is because huge volumes of data can be obtained from a small sample group of people. However, a lot of people detest the idea of decoding data from focus group interviews. This is because possible recordings would be vague, too big or uncomprehensive. If you are ought to host a focus group interview, remember to record the discussion in tape. Video and audio recordings will help you create accurate transcripts that can support easy and accurate interpretation.

Decode the Words

Transcripts from focus group interviews should be decoded carefully. According to experts, the process is easy said than done. First of all, you should give lots of importance to the actual words used. These words will act as the foundation of the entire discussion. A wide range of phrases and words would be used during the conversation. And, you will be astounded to note that a skilled analyst is required to decode these words.

Give priority to the context

The actual context of the discussion can differ from one group to another. The meaning depends on how, when, why and what the response was. If it was triggered by a stimulus (a question or situation) you should devour lots of concern to the stimulus. One should examine the stimulus that triggered the response.

Focus on Frequency

It is quite interesting to note that some topics and comments are much more frequent than the rest. These details can be identified easily, if you have a neat transcript of the entire discussion. Conversely, you should opt for professional transcript service providers, who can convert your video or audio files into precise transcripts. And, don’t look any further for professional transcript services. As pioneers we will help you hear comments and discussion points you never thought off!

Prioritize the Feeling of Participants

When you analyze focus group interviews, remember to stress on talks from occasional participants. Their deep feelings and topics with prudent levels of intensity will help you think in different angles. Tracking intensity in conventional transcripts may seem difficult. This is when professionalism comes into the picture. Transcripts from real market leaders will give you an insight into the discussion’s emphasis, speed, tone and choice of words.

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