Ensuring Transcription Confidentiality

Transcription Institute maintains highest confidentiality by implementing and adhering to the highest industry standards:

Industry Ethics
Our professional transcriptionists are trained to understand the ethics of the business and 100% are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that they will not share files and documents under any circumstances. Additionally, all transcriptionists are monitored to make sure they do not leak information to outsiders.

Data Protection
The Data Protection Act has led to transcription services adopting strict policies for protecting sensitive information at all times. With SSL encryption software, it’s possible to protect data on a website. The 256-bit SSL encryption standard allows communication between servers and browsers without the data being exposed to hackers.

Data Fragmentation (DF)
While DF is another key in which transcription companies assure clients that their data will not be compromised, along with privacy improvement the quality of the final product, i.e. transcription file is degraded, as with DF no single employee has complete access to any given file at one time, except for a proofreader. A transcriptionist may have to transcribe the file in sections, or separate parts of the file may be issued to different transcriptionists. And as a result, the final transcript may loose its sense, the content to look choppy and inconsistent. Therefore, we at Transcription Institute are not in favor of DF.

Our 100% Non Disclosure / Non-Compete Agreement is available for you to review upon request. Moreover, we are so confident in our promise of confidentiality, that we’re willing to sign your copy of the NDA / NC, no questions asked.

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