Dos and Donts of Video Conferencing Calls

Video conference calls have turned into a business standard in many organizations and industries. With the inception of new technologies and modern facilities, you can connect with employees, partners and clients in an effortless and affordable manner. However, if you want to use video conference calls effectively, you should be aware of its do’s and don’ts.

You will be astounded to note that simple changes can improve your overall video conference experience drastically. The do’s and don’ts discussed in this article are declarative statements from professionals with several years of expertise.

Mute the Microphone

First of all, mute your microphone when you are not talking. Even if you are the only person in the room, mute your microphone. This is because background noises from each microphone can distraction the entire call. Background noises can distract the meeting’s overall flow.

The right call settings

The right call settings

Always be aware of your video conference call settings. Make sure your microphone is functioning as expected. Last minute technical difficulties can be disastrous. That is why you should check for any faults beforehand.

Positioning the gears aptly

Never position the video conference camera too high or low! Also, don’t hook it onto the monitor. Weird angles will annoy and distract everyone in the video conference room. A sensible angle for your camera would be at eye level.

A perfect room

A perfect room

For a great video call, you should use a well-lit room. Proper side lighting will improve your overall conference experience. Meanwhile, natural lighting will be much better than artificial, overhead light arrangements.

Appropriate Clothing

For a professional video conference call, you should wear apt clothing. You might be tempted to wear attractive, glittery clothes. However, you must never pick clothes that can distract the viewers. Opt for shades that are camera-friendly. Also, decide on clean professional clothes that will make you look and feel good in the camera.

The Right Room

Apart from proper clothing, you should have proper wall decorations or art. The artwork should be apt for the video conference call. If the room looks dirty, it will create a bad impression of your work environment.

The Transcription Service Provider

The Transcription Service Provider

Moving on, remember to set a recording unit that works well. This is because the final transcript depends on the recording system. Most transcription service providers charge less, if your recording is of good quality. To know more about our charges, click here.

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