Different types of Video Conference Calls

Different types of Video Conference CallsThere are several different types of video conferencing methods out there! As a potential businessman, you should identify the right kind of technique for your trade. When you are ought to implement a video conference call, you should handpick the right kind of equipment and connectivity methods. With this being said, what video conferencing technique will best suit your trade? Are you breaking your head with this question? If yes, here are few common video conferencing methods that can lend you a hand of help.

Traditional Telepresence

One of the oldest and most widely used video conferencing systems would be “Telepresence”. As suggested by its name, the technique makes use of the telephone and a working networking connection. Telepresence is used to stimulate a lively meeting from different parts of the world. This is where large monitors (or television screens) are placed over conference tables or mounted on walls to display a life-size view of the participants. Telepresence is an expensive video conference call that requires the right kind of furniture and room. For example, the cameras and directional acoustics should be positioned at eye level. Sophisticated Telepresence systems tend to make use of holographic and 3D images too! Because of the complexity involved, you should have a high budget for telepresence video conferencing calls.

Room Based Calls

Another common video conference calling system would be the “Room based” ones! These calls comprise of large screens that are permanently installed on the room’s walls. Some service providers offer screens that can be moved around on carts.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop video conference has become famous in recent times. This is where laptops and desktop computers are used to make video calls. You require an IP phone to initiate these calls. If you want to host a successful desktop video conferencing call, you should have a reliable network bandwidth.

Hybrid Video Calls

Hybrid video conferencing is a mix of two or more video call techniques. In most cases, it is an overlap between room-based and telepresence conference calls. The powerful integrated systems will let you host high quality calls in an effortless manner.

Service Based Calls

Last but certainly not least, you can opt for service based video conferencing calls. These are managed, integrated products from telecom service providers. You can avail service based video conference calls from companies that specialize in web-based conferencing.

Regardless of the video conference call you make, remember to record the entire session. These recordings will help you create spotless summaries of the event. Professional transcription service providers will aid you with the video-to-text conversions.

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