Choosing From Focus Group Interviews and One-to-One Sessions

When you are ought to engage in qualitative research, would you opt for focus group interviews or in-depth one-to-one interviews? Or, would you go for a combination of these two strategic processes? The final pick is often influenced by a wide range of constraints. According to experienced business analyst, you should opt for focus group interviews when you should gather information from many clients. Focus group interviews will help you acquire multiple client perspectives. Above all, focus group interviews will let you pull together an interactive group setting for long discussions.

Very Many Benefits

#1 – Ability to Brainstorm Freely!

There are several benefits in having focus group interviews. A major advantage in hosting focus group interviews would be the ability to brainstorm freely. As participants provide their comments and feedbacks, you can dig deep into the topic or problem. Conversely, you can evaluate the given problem in and around. Focus group interviews will let you capture the real challenges, potential issues, understand the prime objectives and learn more about useful technologies. This is why focus groups are considered as dynamic settings.

#2 – Ability to talk freely!

Another interesting benefit in having focus group interviews would be the ability to hear from several participants without any distractions. If you want unfiltered information, you should opt for focus group interviews.

Obtaining Additional Information

Focus group sessions should be recorded for additional information and observation. If you want to learn more about the points offered by the participants, these recordings will lend you a hand of help. The video or audio recordings can be converted to useful documents with the assistance of transcription service providers. The experts will make sure maximum number of points, ideas and thoughts are exposed from the discussion. Indeed, this is the only way to learn more from the talk. If you want professional transcription services look no further. As professionals, we know how to convert serious talks into comprehensive documents.

Two Critical Factors

Before you decide between focus group interviews and one-to-one interviews, here are two important factors you must not take into consideration:

  • Never decide based on the geographical location of the attendees. If you are expected to analyze customers across different parts of the world, you must be prepared to travel.
  • Never choose one-to-one discussions for its affordable nature. As a rule, focus only on the final data you would collect.

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