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YouTube Subtitles & Closed Captioning

Some say that the printed page is going out of style, but in the world of turning recordings into print, it’s alive and well. An interactive transcript of your audio can help those who are hearing impaired to gain the

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Conducting a Focus Group Interview

Focus groups are structured small group interviews. The people that are being interviewed are similar in some way (e.g., same views on certain topics, different background, part of the same community, or same financial standing). The purpose of the interview

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Transcription Company is your Virtual Assistant

Transcription institute can serve you as a virtual assistant and complete all the transcription jobs that you needed to do. The best thing about working with us is that you can get the work done according to your preferences and

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Insurance for Transcription Services

Whether you’re a large transcription services company or small business with few or no employees, you may be required by State or Federal laws as well as by the vendors/subcontractors to carry insurance. In this article we’re going to review what

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